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Timeless, assymetry, undulating formes, organic designs. Inspirations from strong yet mysterious nature she saw as a child in the UK and the US, and metalsmithing techniques aquired in Mexico came together and Rita Noelle Jewelry was born.

By careful hand fabrication, the beautiful gift of precious stones from the Earth get laid on to her nature-inspired designs. Motifs such as lustrous droplets of rain, petals and leaves with bug holes, and artistic patterns on butterfly wings are Rita Noelle's distinctive features.


タイムレス、アシンメトリー、抽象的な曲線、有機的なデザイン。アメリカとイギリスでの生活で見た逞しくミステリアスな自然界からのインスピレーションとメキシコで習得した技術が融合し、Rita Noelle Jewelryは誕生しました。


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Jewelry artist, designer, founder.

Rie Noelle started drawing at a very young age as her mother, an artist herself,  often handed little Rie a pencil and a notebook. She grew up in a range of beautiful natural environment living in the countryside of the state of NY, England and Japan.

After she graduated from a university in Kyoto, she self-taught beaded jewelry while working at an IP law firm. She found joy in working with metal parts which eventually inspired her to study the techniques properly. She took Latin American Spanish classes and quit the job to study metalsmithing under William T. (Billy) King at Sterling Quest School of Silver Jewelry Design and Creation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The amazing grand Mexican nature also had a great impact on her mindset and her style of jewelry.

Currently, works as a studio artist in Kobe doing solo shows and exhibiting at events in Osaka and Tokyo.



Rita Noelle Jewelryのデザイナー・クリエイター。



大学卒業後、特許事務所に勤めながら独学でビーズアクセサリー始め、ショップにて委託販売。メタルパーツの技術習得のため、欧米から生徒も多いメキシコのジュエリースクール Sterling Quest School of Silver Jewelry Design and Creationへ留学。世界遺産かつ”芸術の町”として世界的に知られるSan Miguel de Allendeに位置し、日本と異なる環境から多くの刺激を受ける。William T. King氏のもとで彫金技術及び天然石について学び、コース修了。


2017年夏、アメリカ東海岸のHaystack Mountain School of Craftsにてジュエリーワークショップを受講。常に新しいことにチャレンジしつづけている。






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